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Infinite Love- End of Life Care for Pets

Providing in-home euthanasia and end of life care pets. Holding space for families to honor their loved ones with dignity and grace.  


Dr. Amanda practiced specialty medicine beginning in 2009 with a shift to focus on quality, loving end-of life care since 2016.  She has returned home to SLO county with a grateful heart in 2019 to continue offering unconditional love & support to grieving families during difficult yet special times.


*Infinite Love is a mobile practice focused exclusively on in-home end of life care, no general medicine services or diagnostics are offered.**


Amanda Page, DVM

(805) 776-3025


In home behavior counseling for canine and feline issues including house soiling, anxieties and phobias, stereotypies and all causes of aggression.   


Thirty-nine years special interest and study in behavior, including  UC Davis Behavior Fellowship 2004-2005.  


Denise Porte, D.V.M. (805) 473-0426.

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